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A cheap way to make a geodesic dome

I've been paining myself on how folks have made geodesic domes. It seems like an awful lot of work to do, and it must be pretty difficult to get everything all lined up. Then it occurred to me that Lightwave Modeler has all the necessary tools to do this quickly and very easily. [More]

Free Password Safe

I needed a secure password store to keep my various website passwords. Sure, others have written some, but I wanted to try my hand at it. [More]

Loopable Chaos

I've been working on a Stargate and one of the primary problems is the open wormhole. It's supposed to look like a water surface. The problem is it takes too long to render all that detail. I wanted to make an image sequence and then use that as a simple texture on a single polygon. The sequence had to be long enough that viewers can't notice the loop yet short enough that it doesn't take up too much disk space or too much time to render out. [More]